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Tightrope walk through 2018

January 30, 2018

Ok here we go BWI's first blog.


I am going to apologise in advance and can only promise you, we can only get better from here.


When I began this process, I knew I wanted to contribute a blog, but my biggest problem was, what was my blog going to be about. There is already so many amazing blogs out there, how can we stand amongst them? Now it is that kind of thinking that has been the cause of many weeks of blog procrastination. 



Consequently, I decided to just start writing and lets just see where we end up. Like a mini version of myself, I want this blog to evolve, and from very little direction, create its own path in this world. 


With that in mind, let my rambling commence and for all of you tuning in, (Hi Mum) I look forward to hearing any of your thoughts and comments on how we can grow this blog together.


As mentioned before, I was a late career bloomer. At the early age of 16, I meet the love of my life and 6 months later we were pregnant with our first child. It was as though our relationship and my life were in fast forward; just like that Adam Sandler movie ''Click", and by the age of 19 I was married and pregnant with our second child. Just like the movie I will skip the middle part and arrive at the present. Still married and (block your ears if you dislike PDA) very much in love, and with two adult children that I couldn't possibly be prouder of. And after 8 years in the design industry I have finally built up the courage to back myself and Black Wire Interiors was born.



Did I make the right decision? You will have to follow our journey to find out. What I can tell you is right now I feel like I am large and in charge. Yes, it is extremely demanding work; long hours and my brain never ever switches off. However, this feeling of being in control of my own destiny, well that is something else. 


As we all know we need goals, because how can you get anywhere if you do not know where you are going? So, this is mine for the year ahead.


Say yes!

Meet new friends.

Call your Mother!

Laugh every day.

Remind yourself how far you have come.

Be grateful.

Look for the beauty in everything.

Make it through your first year in business!!!


So here is to 2018 and being large and in charge.

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